hagia sophie
hagia sophie

Hagia Sophia, whose full name is Saint Sophia Museum, is a historical museum in Istanbul. It was a basilica planned patriarchal cathedral built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinianus between the years 532-537 in the old city center of Istanbul and was converted into a mosque by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1453 after Istanbul was taken by the Ottomans. Since 1935, Hagia Sophia serves as a museum. Hagia Sophia is a domed basilica type that combines the basilica plan and the central plan in terms of architects and is considered as an important turning point in the history of architecture with its dome transition and bearing system features.

The word “hagia” in the name of Hagia Sophia comes from the word “holy, saint” and the word “sophia” comes from the word sophos, meaning “wisdom” in Ancient Greek. Therefore, the name “hagia sophia” means “sacred wisdom” or “divine wisdom” and is considered one of the three attributes of God in the Orthodox sect.

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